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Read a blog written by the westerner about meditation and mindfulness. It is interesting to see at least many of us start looking at what is the solution for a less suffering life.

One thing that most of us do not know and aware. We are here for reason. when people begin to be awaken as a consequences of their karma,previously or currently, they start realizing that each of our life time in this earth is a very short span. One human life time will lives from seconds to 100+ years. One will continue to live and change the life forms as a result of one’s karma until one attains “ENLIGHTENMENT”. This word has no realistic definition in human language. Only one who experiences gain insight, no word can explain.

I have seen suffering human beings in the span of 40 years in my human form. I can feel and suffer with them.To see one died and others cried I question myself, Is my life really worthy to continue to work and go home to sleep, or do I really need only some food to eat to survive and to practice meditation? I want to go home to the EAST to follow the MASTER pathway. Tomorrow will be one of the Master’s funeral (5th January 2014).

Imagine million of people attending the funeral,most of them will be there to pay respect. I wish many of us will use the event to reflect on our life. The master is not in the human form anymore,many of attendees will feel lost as we are unable to communicate with him. To hold on to or to follow the path one has to choose.

Wishing all of us in this world follow the path to see the ultimate truth.

Happy New Year 2014


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