November Writing Goal

October 13, 2014 at 1:55 pm | Posted in Research | 1 Comment

I have a plan to push myself harder to get the work done. There has been a slow progress of my study as I have been under the weather in the last 3 weeks having a bronchitis. Coming to more than a half way of my masters in clinical science degree I have to start writing the report. I have been working hard on my study since in February this year. It was a hard fun time in scheduling between working full time and studying full time. Well,if I have a choice to chose between working and studying, I still chose to work and studying to keep myself active physically and intellectually.

Part of the degree is after finishing a systematic literature search I have to write a report. This month, October is the month that I have to finalize the trial papers, get all the included trials synthesized and analyzed before writing the report. Trying my best to keep working in the hospital and getting some break time to read through some papers are something not really wise.

Catching up with sleep after working a night shift and trying to get started with study are not really well managed at this point. “I don’t like working day shift and I hate working night shift” Does this mean I do not want to work at all? My body was in the state of confused with the regular circadian.

What is the plan? I can not set in stone as it has to be fit with in the roster.
The day that I am not at work and I am not try to catch up with my sleep I have a plan to:

In October from 15 Oct( a half of a month left)

1. Finalize the included papers(14-16)
2.Contracting the authors to get more detail of the clinical trials(19-22)
3.Extracting all trial data to S,A&A(27-31)
4.Read one papers each day at least(15-31)

November Plan:
To write all the report:
1. Draft the writing chapter in the first week(1-8)
2. writing each chapter according to the Uni template. writing 300 words each day(9-18)
3. Revise the writing and email the supervisors.(16-22)
4. Finalized the writing. entering the data into the school software.(23-30)
I have joined the PhD2Published blog today (14/10/14) #acwri Academic Life; AcWriMo


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  1. Wow!!!!! you are Super woman.How are you? I loved to sleep when I studied MA and working Because I was very weak…I chose study MA first. At that time my job could wait me and my boss gave a nice chance too…..please relax and sleep well ….. I belive you will get your goal soon…………………..cheer

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