Happy to answer to all questions for anyone who wants to work overseas

June 25, 2015 at 1:04 pm | Posted in สำหรับพยาบาลไทย, Thai Nurses | 2 Comments
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Please feel free to ask me questions if any of you cannot find the answers anywhere else. I have not got time to post anything lately as I am quite busy with my research project,  and I will be continued being busy for many months to come.

Any questions being posted here will be sent to my personal email everytime even I donot log in to my blog I do know  statistics of my blog.

Happy to help👩



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  1. Are you in Australia? There are many different kinds of job for nurses in Australia such as work in the
    hospital, nursing home, community-baseed or Gp center. Do you have an Australian nursing licence? If you have,there are plently of jobs advertising everyday. I have just resigned from my community based home care job two month ago to give time to my study. It is a working at home with ventilator dependent children. I did the job for 4 years along side with working in ICU in the government hospital. There are many jobs for mental health worker to look after people at home. These groups of people have disability or mental problems. The government pays money to agencies then you can work for the agencies. You only need a certificate 4 which you can get from TAFE to be able to apply for a job otherwise get nursing licence to be a memtal health nurse.

    Hope this help


  2. I am a Thai nurse work for government for 27 years I am now want to leave my job for do something difference BUT I have no idea how could be happen? followed your post I would like to ask if I would like to work at home care, is it possible?

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