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Working with patients who being identified or categorized as sick ( being physically or mentallly dysfunction) , I have been  very curious about why someone is being dysfunction and someone is not. Do these words really mean for what it supposes to be meant or is it depending on who categorizes them and what criteria are used?

In a very fine scale of feeling not alright, in each individual has different scale or theshold  of what  alright and what not alright is. It pins down to depending on individual judgment. Then if one seeks an opinion from love one or family member or professional , the action would be justified as being reasonable.

If it is confirmed that something is not alrights in one’s body by professional ( physician), more  test and investigations may be needed depending on the knowledge, experiences and judement of professional that one is being seen. If one is feeling better and none of the tests is positive ( to confirm being sick). Sometimes people would  normally stop sorting justification there which could be because one is being satified with answeres or lack of resources to pay for the process of justification or lack of time to do it.

If someone is really sick and meets many criteria of physical or mental sickness scale as set by many of professional boards or organizations, hospital or some care institutions are the place that someone will be put in.

I chose  to work in intensive care unit because it is only one of a few  places that I can learn how each individual organ inteacts or  responses to each other dysfunction by using scientific based  justification process, and because of wanting to find out how each individual physically and mentally interact with each other when one is being sick. Most of all the love and compassion toward our our race as human being.

I have been practicing Bhuddism for a long time. When I started learning sciences at school, nothing make sense to me to match both together to explain one phenomenon. The more I learnt the more I experienced, things started making sense.

Ajahn Cha used to say “Someone will never know how an apple tastes like only when one eats it”.

To tell someone that I work in ICU, in one’s mind thing will starts processing how ICU would be like. The outcome of mind processing is depending on one’s past  experience in conceptualize ICU environment.

The place where many very sick ( critically ill) patients are being  hospitalized and the place where many sick patients can get  better or get more suffering or get worst or even die by the care of many professional members of the health care team, their family and the patients themselves.

It is a good place to work to experience  life and do good karma in Bhuddist way.

It is my previlidge to have an opportunity to help and provide care to fellow human beings. I always do my job to  help reduce all suffering that my patients have. I also wish for the best for them and their family.


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