Happy New Year 2015

Happy New Year Everyone

My best wishes for everyone in this world to find their way out of suffering. We are here in this world for reasons, whenever we can love others and care for others as we do to ourselves that day will be the day of individual enlightenment.

The last day of 2014 and the first day of 2015 I was at work with a dedicated professional team in the ICU. It was a lovely and much better feeling of the last year and the fresh new year. Few colleagues brought some food to share; I brought a pack of biscuit. There were to much to eat. We have been eating and sharing food at work since  the Christmas day. Oh! what a lucky people we are ; we have a job, we have life , we have many things  that we wish for. AND we still desire to have something that we have not got it or something that is new on the market.

The feeling of blessing was everywhere in the workplace; I wished for all my colleagues , my patients and their family for the best. I feel good to see people are having a good thought about others, see people helping each other at work.

The lost of a young mother who left behind 2 boys hurt my heart. How much we can hold to the suffering of life. Husband was crying , father, brothers and  sisters were crying. My heart was crying as I was there helping to care for her since the first day she came. I wish for her to go to the best possible place for her to be after life, and be back again in a better place in this world. All my good karma I have done this life I would like to share with her and support her to be in the best place. Human life form are very fragile and not being able to sustain long if we do not take care of it. We use it as a vehicle to help us to pass this world of suffering.

The heart broken family whose husband,father, brother and son was in bed with no sensory of knowing the family was trying desperately to save his life. The 7 year old boy who was so brave trying to bring back his father’s life, running to get help from his neighbor and calling the ambulance.  I offered the wife a cup of coffee , pie, pastry and biscuit at 3 AM just to help her to get through the night. She did accept a cup of coffee, but no meal. She had a piece of sandwich which was offered to her by  another nurse in the early shift. I was talking to her while I was reliving the bedside nurse for his break. What I tried to do was to switch her mind away from thinking about her husband and stop crying all the time. She was called from work when her husband was taken to the hospital. She was still in the work uniform. To my surprise we took our kids and dog to the same park in the community,and we also have something in common. she is also a migrant like me. We were talking about how beautiful the new park that we went to, how wonderful of the country we came from and the country that we live in now a day. I offered her and her family helps and supports that were provided by the hospital.

Before I left the unit this morning, I went to say goodbye to her and her family and wishing her husband to pull through his illness. I also told her we would see each other in the park one day. She wished for a safety trip to Thailand which I said ” Thank you “.  What a wonderful feeling to know we were a stranger then only a few hours of sharing our thought , experience and feeling with each other we actually sincerely care about each other indeed from our heart. I believe we all have a good heart waiting for us to open the door of our heart to let the love and care come out from it.

Walking to the car park with two of my colleagues, I asked if the guy wants anything from Thailand. He said bought me a waving Chinese cat. I laugh at his answer then I told him I would rather by the waving Thai lady for him( I meant NANG KWAK)).  He asked what was it for anyway. I told him it is better than the Chinese version. We all laugh!

One thing before putting my head to a pillow today, I need to call my friend who wanted to go to the temple giving food to the monk. She was not sure if there is a monk in the temple. I SMSed her yesterday that I would let she know ASAP after calling my friend’s uncle. Unfortunately, I did not sms her at night.Turned out she did not answer the phone, so I went to sleep. Woke up later in the evening to see I got lots of missing calls:). THE GENEROSITY OF THE COMMUNITY  KEEPS THE BUDDHISM CONTINUE ITS ROOT IN THIS THE WORLD.

Temperature is nearly 40 degree today,since I woke up this afternoon my daughter have been asking if we can go to the beach today. My husband kept saying ” No it is too hot.” She kept persisting ” Dad we can go at 6PM”.

I have  not seen my son for two days, he always says ” I am at work, I am at my friend’s house or I am having a training( Parkour)”. Does anybody know this word PARKOUR?  A kid is a kid, he is only 19 anyway.



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